Also this year  within the framework of the 8th International CHOREOGRAPHIC CAPTURES Competition  we invite  male and  female   choreographers, dancers , film and (multi) media artists to develop specific visual means of expression for choreography and films in a 60-second advertisement clip.


Deadline > June 30, 2016



What is the point?


We are looking for  artistic short films  with an individual artistic aesthetic. They should be occupied with modern and multiple versions of choreographic strategies in films.

Choreography can thereby  be caused not only by filmed body movements but also by  a deliberate arrangement of movements in space and time. Choreography  also means for example  a moving camera, film cuts, rhythmic arrangements of pictures, moving objects, materials, colours or kinds of  the landscape.





An independent, annually changing jury is responsible for the examination, selection and  the awards of the prizes for the contributions. The jury consists of representatives of the international  movie and dance scene. 


Jury 2016:




ROGER MERGUIN | Chief Executive & Artistic Director, Gessnerallee (CH)


PROF. HARTMUT WICKERT | Head of Department Performing Arts and Film, Zurich University of the Arts (CH).



We would like to thank all members of the jury of the  last years very much indeed »





From all participators the jury will award five films of convincing artistic quality:


1st  prize:    2.000 EUR + Cinema Prize

2nd prize:    1.000 EUR + Cinema Prize

3rd  prize:      500 EUR + Cinema Prize


Additionally all winners will receive a cinema prize: If  the submitted short film fulfills the technical preconditions to be shown in cinemas, it will be broadcast in Germany and Europe in the advertisement block of our cinema partners for one year.


Additionally it will be accepted for the CHOREOGRAPHIC CAPTURES Loop if produced within the competition; it will additionally be shown by our international screening partners.